10 Key Personalities In Blockchain To Follow In 2022

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Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that records transactions and stores information.  Photo: Pixabay 
The blockchain technology industry has ceased to be an isolated industry for experimenters, but is increasingly becoming a tool for the improvement and development of many other areas, including telecommunications, payments, entertainment and management.

In today’s article, we will highlight 10 individuals who are at the front of the blockchain transformation of the modern world, providing the public with new products and technologies that can change the world.

1. Nayib Bukele 

Nayib Bukele is the President of El Salvador since 2019. 

Nayib Bukele is a Salvadoran politician and businessman, President of El Salvador since 2019, and one of the most prominent politicians in the world in relation to cryptocurrencies. In 2021, Nayib Bukele introduced a bill to recognize Bitcoin as a means of payment in the country. Despite criticism from conservative politicians and economists, as well as calls from the World Bank to abandon the Bitcoin adoption initiative, in the fall of 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world where Bitcoin is used as legal tender along with fiat currencies.

The government of El Salvador, under the leadership of Nayib Bukele, actively invested in the “first cryptocurrency”, regularly replenishing the country’s crypto reserves with new Bitcoins. In November 2021, Bukele announced that he planned to build the world’s first bitcoin city in the southeastern region of La Unión at the base of the Conchagua volcano, which would use geothermal energy to power bitcoin mining.

Thanks to his loyalty to the idea of ​​blockchain and building a more independent economy from classical financial institutions in his country, Bukele has become a real hero of the cryptocurrency community around the world, and El Salvador continues to turn into a paradise for crypto fans.

2. Slavi Kutchoukov

Slavi Kutchoukov is the founder and CEO of Slavi.io. 

Slavi Kutchoukov, the founder and CEO of Slavi.io, is among the top real estate and fashion entrepreneurs in Germany, the UK, and the UAE, with more than 20 successful brands and start-ups in his portfolio.

Slavi Kutchoukov’s largest project, his service Slavi.io, is a DApp with 30+ blockchains & one-click access to Web 3.0, Play2Earn and NFT services. Understanding the success of all-in-one solutions, the team implemented support for Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Solana, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Tron, Polygon and others. The pace of development of the project exceeds all expectations, the Slavi crypto wallet is already added to the App Store.

More than 20 international projects partner with Slavi. Some of them – Metis, Staking Rewards, Parus Fest, LWK Group, Inkas and more. Slavi Kutchoukov set up a Crypto Capital Fund. It is a new generation of investment firms that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies reshaping trillion-dollar markets. 

Today, the Slavi Kutchoukov team is working on a range of products, including FT Marketplace, Rich Teddy Club, Play 2 Earn NFT Game, ATM & Banking solution, Cross-Chain DEX and Global CEX.

3. Evgeny Kayumov

Evgeny Kayumov is a serial entrepreneur. 

Evgeny Kayumov is a serial entrepreneur, investor, passionate innovator, and business developer. Evgeny has extensive experience in m-commerce, affiliate marketing, website brokerage and mobile payments, gained from building a number of successful projects from scratch.

He is also known in marketing as the founder of the largest community for marketing and sales field professionals in CIS – CPA.club. Evgeny’s results in marketing are evidenced by RGKmobile.com’s revenue of $20mln+ in a year. It was Evgeny who set up and managed the company’s marketing processes from the very beginning. Evgeny expanded and brought KMA.biz to Asian markets, took a key part in the development and launch of the Soax.com SaaS model, which has grown sevenfold over the past year.

At the moment, all Evgeny’s attention is focused on the development of MetaPax.io – Social Platform 3.0, which allows remote rent of people’s time with first-person view and real-time control. However, Evgeny is in constant search for new projects to invest in at the early stages, main areas of interest: SAAS, FinTech, AdTech.

4. Dmitry Gerasimov

Dmitry Gerasimov is the CEO of Cellframe. 

Dmitry Gerasimov is the CEO of Cellframe and software engineer, the creator and, historically, the main developer of Cellframe. Dmitry, a hereditary physicist, was educated at Novosibirsk State University but found his way to create unique solutions at the intersection of physics and programming. He has more than 20 years of experience in C development.

Dmitry is inspired by the ideas of creating an ecosystem with secure and fast services. To do this, he created a blockchain platform for decentralized applications: marketplaces, games, databases, and auctions. Dmitry trusts in the ideals of freedom of information and user privacy, which is why Cellframe uses post-quantum encryption. The blockchain is written in C, so the application is not demanding on hardware and is available to owners of weak home PCs.

One of the elites of the programming world, who has architectural talents in relation to the creation of complex software systems and their operation.

5. Pratik Gauri

Pratik Gauri stands at the origins of the 5th Industrial Revolution. 

Pratik Gauri is a serial entrepreneur, investor and public figure. It is believed that Pratik Gauri stands at the origins of the 5th Industrial Revolution. He has been championing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and helping transition the world from a for-profit economy to a for-benefit economy for more than a decade.

As a renowned TEDx speaker, Pratik has spoken more than 100 times in 25 countries. He has over 500,000 followers on social media, and his works have been covered by World Economic Forum, Real Leaders magazine, NASDAQ, The Climate Reality Project, Business Today, Times of India, and several IITs/IIMs. He is an established writer and contributes to Real Leaders, WEF, MIT Technology Review, Thrive Global, among others.

In business, Pratik is driving his 5ire.org project as CEO, overseeing both day-to-day activities and strategic decisions. The company has secured a capital commitment of $121M in just 6 months.

6. Constantine Ene

Constantine Ene leads a multidisciplinary team at Sinverse.  

Constantine Ene brings with him close to two decades of experience in technology, and five years as a Blockchain developer. He leads a multidisciplinary team of Blockchain developers, web developers, UI/UX creators, DBA and digital marketers for Sinverse. 

Constantine fuses his experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things and augmented reality with Blockchain technology and therefore, brings this rare combination to Sinverse as CTO, working together with Marouane Fikri as CEO and Rutherford Atayobo as COO.

He also leads a massive in-house team of 3D game designers currently building the SinVerse Ecosystem which is adjudged the first Rated-R Mafia Metaverse on the Blockchain. 

7. Nils Tharandt Ortiz

Nils Tharandt Ortiz is holding 2 legal masters from the University of Paris Seine. 

Nils Tharandt Ortiz is a serial entrepreneur, a trained lawyer by education, a manager with 22 years of experience in telecommunications, the internet and blockchain. Nils is holding 2 legal masters from the University of Paris Seine and a specialization in human rights from René Cassin Institute, Strasbourg.

After 6 years working at the embassy and United Nations, Nils moved to the private sector and acquired and restructured directory assistance SCOOT 118000 sold to Italian Yellow Pages and then founded Best Of Artisans, the French craig’s list, later sold to Bertelsmann. He was also the official State rep of Louisiana to France until 2019 and then served as Regional Director of EDB Bahrain in France and Germany. Nils won the 1st prize of the Oracle Start-up Award Paris in 2001.

In 2018, Nils founded a promising company: Paypolitan — the payment app is the first of its kind to secure traditional payments with blockchain technology. Being a “card free” solution, Paypolitan is aggregating existing bank accounts and wallets and simply initiates payments from there. Paypolitan grew to 47 people and the company started a Nasdaq listing process.

Nils is also the chairman of the venture capital fund Polka Ventures and is a frequent TV guest of Nasdaq TV shows on Bloomberg TV, CNCB, Fox Business, KRON4 and Newsmax TV.

8. Stepan Sergeev

Stepan Sergeev has extensive experience in the blockchain and mobile industries. 

Stepan Sergeev is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the blockchain and mobile industries. He specializes in launching and developing blockchain startups, mainly in the gaming field. Stepan is the CEO and co-founder of “OneWayBlock”, a blockchain games studio.

His studio focuses on creating blockchain games with user-friendly features. The OneWayBlock team believes that this approach will help solve the problem of large-scale expansion of potential users not only of their product but also to the blockchain gaming segment globally.

The favorite and main product of Stepan’s company is the multiplayer real-time strategy game Clash of Coins, which has been in development for over two years. Now the game is at the stage of open beta testing, and a full release may take place this year.

9. Mr Sash Jeetun

Mr. Sash is an alumnus and member of the Association of Business Executives. 

Mr. Sash is a serial entrepreneur, advisor to blockchain projects, public speaker, an influencer in the Defi space, and successful investor, focusing on tech investments, especially smart economy and solutions for a better tomorrow.

Alumnus and member of the Association of Business Executives with valuable experience in strategic business management, international business, and expertise in research, advisory, fundraising and assisting bootstrap crypto projects.

Sash Jeetun organized a crowdfunding campaign for a number of projects, and then took a plunge into founding Spherium Finance — mobile-first cross-chain wallet which optimizes return on crypto-assets while minimizing risks. They raised $3.3m at seed and private, oversubscribed by 5m by April, 2021, and achieved a $100m market cap at TGE.

10. Jerry Tang 

Jerry Tang is a Wall Street strategist. 

Jerry Tang is a blockchain entrepreneur, Wall Street strategist, executive and investor. He has extensive experience in real estate, capital markets, venture capital, angel investing, and cryptocurrencies. Jerry spent over 14 years on Wall Street and was a senior executive for Natixis, a top-20 global bank for its real estate and capital markets business, executing over $40 billion of transactions.

Jerry is a co-founder & CEO at VCV Digital Group — one of the first signs on the internet transformation horizon, which is committed to implementing Web 3.0 concepts.

Jerry Tang is one of the Web 3.0 ideologues and a big fan of the decentralized internet. In this technology, he sees the future of the telecommunications industry. Jerry believes that the symbiosis of decentralized technologies and artificial intelligence can radically change the picture of the world. Therefore, his company VCV is actively investing in digital asset mining, early stage crypto projects/companies and renewable energy startups.

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