Writing a Press Release; Effectively Connecting with Your Audience and Keeping Them

HONG KONG – Over the years, there have been significant changes in the world of marketing, communications, and sales. Don’t kid yourself; the press release distribution fits right in this category as well.

Specifically, we are talking about the manner a business communicates with its audience. This style has changed over the years. At NovationWire, we feel that this information is relative to the tone a business takes when writing a press release. We mention this only because of the volume of press releases we have seen written in a fashion that would be applicable ten plus years ago that is no longer relevant today. It can even repel your audience.

Back in the day, businesses would write marketing and communication material in a tone where the hard sale was the push. This type of style is no longer applicable and will quickly push your audience away.

When you are writing your press release, depending on the subject at hand, if you are trying to draw in new customers for a product or service, you must take the angle of how you are solving a problem for them. Don’t list all the features that your product or service may offer; instead, explain how your product or service can help someone out and relieve a particular pain. A weak example might be a small home office sized product that assembles and seals boxes to hold widgets. Explaining how time is money and how you, as a business owner, could have that time better spent elsewhere to grow your business takes away a pain of time spent packaging widgets. (More on this through a book recommended to us “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” by Allan Dib. Although this may be a book on ‘marketing,’ the same principles still apply to the tone you take in your press release.

Gaining trust from your audience and followers is more significant than you may imagine. You cannot force your product or service upon people; you need to gain their trust and let them come to you. One right way to do this is by regularly sending press releases to the media, as long as you have something newsworthy to share. If the news you are submitting is about your industry, eventually, you start to gain trust from your audience, which may include journalists, bloggers, and your customers.

The reason this is important is because of this; Although a journalist may not publish your article immediately, they may take one of two actions. First, they may stick your press in their back pocket, knowing that they have a segment coming up months later where it will be suitable. At NovationWire, we have heard of stories published as much as five months later.

The second action a journalist may take is this. They are looking to do an article on a particular subject. The journalist may not use one of your press releases directly because they have seen your regular publications in the news (sure – they may not have used them, which is fine). They recognize you as either an industry expert or leader in your industry. Seeing you as an industry expert means when they do write their article, they may come to you for information as the industry expert and quote you and or your business within their writing material.

This type of earned media is golden, a milestone that many business owners strive to achieve. First, it is not biased, it is written entirely by a trusted source, and readers see your name and or company and associate this trust. The instant trust and recognition for your brand is not something that can be purchased. The value in this type of earned media far outweighs any purchased advertising spot.

The key is consistency with excellent value content and not using a hard sell for your product or service. Take the time to build trust, and good things will happen organically on their own.


NovationWire is a marketing firm that offers customized online press release distribution solutions. These online PR distribution solutions are for PR firms, agencies, organizations & Corporates. It includes e-mail delivery directly to Editors who are targeted to media editors at newspapers, magazines, and broadcast outlets like TV and news/talk radio stations. They also cooperate with significant wire services like ACN Newswire, JCN Newswire, Dow Jones Factiva, Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg Terminal, Yahoo news etc. NovationWire also provides a package to target different regions of the world and too different languages. These regions include Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Russia, the United States, EU, UK, CA, AU, DE & many other countries. The Press releases could also be translated to English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Portuguese & Spanish.

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