The Future of the Decentralized Finance is UltraSafe

Los Angeles, California Sep 1, 2021 – The DeFi space has not only provided crypto enthusiasts with a new way of investing and wealth management, but also the freedom to be in charge of their finances thereby eliminating intermediaries. However, considering the complexity of smart contract technology, existing and potential investors are falling prey to constant scams and rug-pulls. UltraSafe is designed to offer top-notch security from both cyberattacks and rug-pulls.

The $ULTRASAFE Contract

The UltraSafe contract is a direct fork, with improvements upon the original smart contract on the BSC network, removing the functionality to bypass contract renouncing. A few lines of code that allowed the contract owner and/or creator to bypass the logic of contract renouncement. The contract has been renounced by the creators and the liquidity has been locked in a vault for 79 years.

All UltraSafe transactions will send 4% (half of the 8% transaction fee) to the liquidity pool, which will create an ever-increasing price floor and continuously decrease the price impact of selloffs.

The remaining 4% of every transaction will be sent back to the ULTRA holders, ensuring token generation is not reliant on variable Annual Profit Yield (APY’s). This way, users can earn the rewards of its frictionless yield protocol while securing passive income.

The contract has undergone two audits by leading cyber security platforms Solidity and Certik, contributing to the transparency and credibility of the team’s morals and values that align with the project. Currently, UltraSafe has over 42,176 holders at the time of this writing. The following are some of the recent key developments of the UltraSafe ecosystem using the Binance Smart Chain.


UltraSafe has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000

25% Presale to raise liquidity

40% initial liquidity

30% token burn

5% Project development wallet

UltraSafe is planning to integrate purchasing of $ULTRA on the ultrasafe. Finance website, allowing people to invest safely and securely, using both flag and cryptocurrencies.

At the time of this writing, $ULTRA is currently traded on centralized exchanges as well as PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko. UltraSafe’s first centralized exchange listing is at LBank Exchange, a leading crypto asset trading platform providing safe, and professional crypto-asset exchanges.

UltraSafe is also making a big splash on the social media scene. Forging social partnerships with the UFC Legend & current color commentator Daniel “D.C” Cormier, UFC Hall of Fame legend “Suga” Rashad Evans, with more celebrity and strategic brand partnerships on the horizon as well. Another more recent partnership that UltraSafe has secured is Peachfolio. Peachfolio is a platform that boasts accurate portfolio tracking.

The Future of UltraSafe

The Ultra Protocol Platform is a dedicated platform to assist the pathway of safer digital asset accumulation and diversification. This protocol will be a dedicated platform to help with the usability, scalability, and volume of the token itself. There are also plans to integrate the purchasing of $ULTRA on the ultrasafe. Finance website, allowing people to invest safely and securely, using both flag and cryptocurrencies

The upcoming NFT Marketplace will be a new addition to the project providing a platform to trade and swap digital Non-fungible tokens with unlimited creative potential for the community and team to solidify the brand’s stamp in the DeFi space.

To celebrate the NFT marketplace launch, a unique piece of artwork is set of exclusive value and limited availability to token holders and project supporters.

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