The Future ‘DaFIN’, a Leading Digital Asset Fintech Company

Seoul, Korea – DaFIN Pte. Ltd., a Private digital asset fintech platform firm, is garnering much attention prior to being listed on a global exchange along with the complete selling of service unit which the firm recently launched.


DaFIN fintech service is a self-issued virtual asset DAF token-based service. For the token holders, DAF token is an entry device to a host of fintech services and is utilized as a service subscription tool while enjoying various rewards and benefits provided by each fintech service.

The fintech service launched by the firm targets private markets such as real estate, art works, entertainment sector and the service which officially launched at DaFIN in Jan 15 is DeFi service sector which has become all the rage beginning last year. Only DAF token holders are allowed to join the service, and be given daily BTC rewards and can un-subscribe at any time. With its high demand, the service was completely sold out.

The most distinctive feature of DaFIN’s DAF tokens is that it targets private markets. Based on the analysis result of private premium markets from the start, it is recognized that the scale is fairly huge with a variety of types, and most importantly, it is a market without an absolute front runner. There are hosts of private markets, which can be so called a league of their own, including high-priced luxury goods, famous concert tickets, financial investment products, art work auctions.

Such private markets form a powerful fandom in and of themselves, and one can join if he or she can meet minimum qualification criteria, and for those who have relatively active history can be granted with special benefits within the private market.

DAF serves as a means of access for verifying the qualification in the private market, and also a means to purchase diverse products in the private market as well. Diverse DaFIN alliance including a real estate sector, art work and an entertainment sector is in progress, and inevitably leading to the preparation for NFT platform business simultaneously.

Under the slogan of ‘Connecting all the things valuable in the world,’ the ultimate goal of DaFIN is to help build confidence that owning DAF itself boosts such pride.

With the recent growth of NFT market, the first tweet of tweeter became NFT (Non Fungible Token) as well as the digital art, and thanks to auction, the values are quantified. In other words, a massive digital asset market is being born. It is projected that the digital asset management market will grow explosively as digital asset’s value is being evaluated, sold, payment in kind becomes available, thereby being recognized as property of individuals and companies.

CEO of DaFIN said that ‘without a doubt, the age of selling and buying stocks and digital assets including coins through one trust account opened by security companies will come. It is my dream to establish “Digital asset security exchange” following Alternative Trading System (ATS), Capital Market Act by connecting the past and the present as he was a former employee of KOSCOM. Corp.

Meanwhile, DAF token of DaFIN is set to go public on Bittrex exchange, the U.S.A, one of the top 20 globally well-known exchange at 8 A.M., 11th (Korea Standard Time), and 4 P.M, Mon, May 10 (American Time). After its initial listing, DaFIN vows to go public on exchanges in Korea by further strengthening DaFIN alliance.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: DaFIN Pte. Ltd.
Contact Person: Bruce Lee, CTO
Email: Send Email
Phone No: + 82 70 4213 3441
Country: Korea
Website Url:


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