WAM.app, a Romanian Mobile Gaming Social Media Platform, Surges Past 1 Million Users in the First Month after Launch

Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Meet the first mobile gaming social media network, WAM.app, allowing anyone to play at any time and place. Since its launch on February 25th, WAM.app has reached more than 1 million active players. And the number keeps growing. WAM.app is the brainchild of Digitap, a Romanian company founded by visionary game dev and business veterans Daniel Tamas and Alex Rus whose mission is to let people socialize through gameplay.

The idea of creating WAM.app was mainly influenced by 2 factors: social distancing and the rise of hyper-casual niche. While people stay at home, the need for social interaction is increasing, so all of them spend more time online interacting with their friends and colleagues. Those people, who couldn’t name themselves “gamers” a year ago, now have at least 2-3 gaming apps installed on their phones that they regularly use to relieve stress or kill the time.

Since hyper-casual games have predominantly short retention rate, users are jumping from one game to another, which makes them spend the time to search and download new interesting games. The Digitap team has discovered this peculiarity of hyper-casuals and came up with an idea to create a single platform where all TOP titles would be available for its player. Now, users don’t have to keep numerous gaming apps on their phone – they can have them all in WAM.app. Like any other native app, it’s easy to install – simply go to Google Play Market or AppStore, find WAM.app and enjoy their favorite titles on a single platform. The Digitap team has gone even further and developed a PWA (progressive web-app), which serves as a web-version of WAM.app that can be easily saved to users’ home screen and won’t take even 1 megabyte of their phone storage.

Another marvelous feature of this social media app is the tournaments. Every new user is granted 2,500 TapCoins, an internal digital WAM.app currency that can be used to participate in public tournaments. This is where they compete with each other, while increasing their Profile rating on the national and global scale. Players can also create private tournaments to challenge their friends and colleagues.

The gaming market is in continuous expansion and products like WAM.app should fill the gap in current social media where competitiveness is not skill-based.

E-mail: alex@digitap.eu

WAM.app Official Site: https://wam.app/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wamapplication

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Digitap World SRL
Contact Person: Daniel Tamas; Alex Rus
Email: Send Email
Country: Romania
Website Url: https://digitap.eu/

SOURCE: https://kjnewswire.com/7814/wamapp-romanian-mobile-gaming-social-media-platform-surges-past-1-million-users-first-month

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