NFT Startup Ether Cards Set for Launch on March 18

NFT gamification startup EtherCards is launching on March 18, 2021

Singapore – Ether Cards’ main sale will be commencing, providing the general public an opportunity to buy into the future of NFT gamification and value generation at 9AM EST, on March 18.

This date marks the start of a long and exciting journey, initiating with the release of 10,000 exclusive NFTs that make up the Ether Cards limited-edition collection.

Approximately 17% of the cards were sold in presale raising $3.7 million in ETH. The remaining cards will be available over the next three weeks, or until sold out. Prices start at 0.3 for Common cards increasing all the way to the top of the price bracket for OG cards, valued up to 55 ETH.

The cards will offer two primary benefits: First, they will feature art from a range of emerging and renown artists alike, including Ethereum founding member Anthony D’Onofrio and a range of creatives who have previously worked with many giants of the entertainment world such as Sony Studios, Marvel, and Netflix. Their craft will be available both as individual, standalone artworks and combined in layers through the innovative use of ‘Accidental Art’. Second, they’ll be equipped with Traits, special abilities and advantages that each card will bring to their owner.

These Traits range in rarity and entitlements, from basic Traits granting discounts when hosting a certain event, to super rare ones which entitle their holder to access a bountiful treasury. These limited-edition cards also never expire and will only ever be available during this sale event.

You’ll be able to put the cards and their Traits to use on the Ether Cards platform, which will offer the most advanced gamification offering available on the NFT market, as well as plans to integrate with most major marketplaces such as OpenSeas, Nifty Gateway and Mintbase.

The EtherCards Platform

The Ether Cards platform will be a set of tools for artists and marketplaces to make their NFTs more engaging and valued. It will enable them to set up ticketing, puzzles, and other single or multiplayer interactions.

Users will be able to engage with their favourite artists and other creators to win NFTs or other valuable prizes. They will participate by collecting tickets and gathering collectables through blind bag purchases to complete puzzles or other challenges.

Tickets, Puzzles and similar events are just the beginning of the exciting revolution Ether Cards wants to bring to the sector. They have another half a dozen new interactive features in the queue waiting to be released. Ether Cards will keep improving and innovating to bring more applications and engagement throughout the wider NFT ecosystem.

The EtherCards Token

The technology underpinning Ether Cards tokens, in partnership with Chainlink’s VRF will allow projects to use NFTs both as membership cards and as authentication tokens. Ether Cards-enabled NFTs will also be abilitated to hold keys to application features manage subscriptions and collect commissions (yield farming-style).

Ether Cards are not only rare digital collectibles but they also carry real, practical utility and value. The Ether Cards Tokens can be integrated with several decentralized services.

They will:

  1. Serve as a membership card
  2. Grant access to features
  3. Give you privileges and priority access
  4. Provide access to community airdrops
  5. Collect commissions for you

What’s next?

Whether it’s working with Chainlink’s VRF to ensure our scarcity and trait distribution are fair and decentralized, or striking a promotional partnership with Brave browser, Ether Cards is keen to be where the future of blockchain is heading.

Cards will be on sale from 9AM on launch day on Thursday, 18th of March and will be priced accordingly to an incremental curve which is publicly available on our Sale Details page. OG Cards will range 30-55 ETH, Alpha cards will go for between 5 and 25 EH, and Commons will be accessible starting from 0.3 ETH all the way to 5 ETH as they get more and more scarce.




Contact Detail:

Company Name: Ether Cards
Contact Person: Andras Kristof; Benjamin Ong
Email: Send Email
Country: Singapore
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