Aura LAB : Starting company for women issues – Mayssom laundry gel popular with moms

He was not embarrassed for getting his wife’s tampons but felt her frustration.

CEO Cha majored in Materials Science and Engineering. After graduation he worked at TCK(Toray chemical)’s Research Engineering department and makes menstruation pads.  (Click Pad view)

These pads have absorbent polymers for absorbs blood. It can leads to dehydrates vaginal moisture that woman experiences dryness and pain. “I don’t want my wife to go through with that.” he said. So he looked for the alternatives. Reusable cotton menstruation pads were only option but getting dirt is much quicker than cleaning up. Menstruation cramps are gone and now cleaning pads causes wrist pain. Wanted to find easy-going detergents but he couldn’t find the right one. So he made it.

Gel-type Mayssom Laundry Gel has no artificial chemicals. After the searching hundreds of organic raw material, he found that Wood vinegar is nature’s antibacterial catalyst. Same goes with Cnidium, Cypress leaves, Plantain.

Micro oxygen injection methods are able to little bubbles attached to pollutes and separate from fabrics. You can see bubbles inside the formula. Mayssom Laundry Gel has become famous by word-of-mouth and customers’ favorable reviews on social media, sold 100,000 after the launching. Portable, Residue Zero, Eco-friendly, Efficient Stain Remover.

He started this company for his wife.

Furthermore, aura Lab helps leave your worries behind and wishes healthy lifestyle for all women.

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Company Name: AuraLab
Contact Person: CEO CHA
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Country: Korea
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