How Anyone can Share their Talent on imCelebrity App and Become Famous Quickly?

Fame‘. This word is the center of the universe of almost more than half of the population of this generation! Who doesn’t want to get a celebrity status? Everyone has that secret desire to be known; to be a celebrity! But, does the word ‘celebrity’, sounds a bit heavy to you?

Gone are the days when you needed to be an actor, a model, a singer, musician, or a person with great contacts in the film industry to have a great fan following.

Today this concept has become a ‘Once upon a time… ‘ thing, as the power of social media has kicked in! So, in 2020, all you need to have is an account of a powerful social media app just like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok… or, maybe a better version of all of them! What if you get a combination of all the exciting features of these apps? Where? Just here, at the imCelebrity App! This is a one-stop solution to raise your celebrity status.

Talking about celebrities, King Khan (Mr. Shahrukh Khan) was once asked, “Who in your opinion, will be the next superstar after you?“. His response to this question was considerably surprising. He replied that “The next superstar won’t come from Bollywood or Hollywood, but would be from the general public. The next superstar would come from social media. They would have more connection with people they would be more liked and adored.” And he was so damn right! With social media talent sharing apps like imCelebrity, it’s so easy to become famous to millions of viewers out there.

So wanna know how to jump-start your success on social media? How to become a viral sensation? Well, that’s what this blog is all about. There are so many insights that influence your social media fan base, out of which I’ll be sharing the essential five which would help you to kick start your journey and achieve that unbounded celebrity status and reach till millions who wait to consume your talent.

1. Be Unique and Entertaining:

Every famous social media influencer has his or her uniqueness! Each one has got its niche and focuses on that. Be it lifestyle, fashion, health, funny entertainment, motivation, or technical stuff; each one of them has chosen up something that they relish talking about. imCelebrity provides an opportunity for people of every niche to grow your fan base. Through videos, snaps, or music, imCelebrity provides you a talent sharing platform to publicize each of your talents to your target audience with minimum efforts and gain a maximum fan base.

Now that’s what is vital and crucial to decide, which also leads you to a perplexed mindset. Because if you start doing something you are not interested in, you certainly won’t put your heart at it. For example, if a cricketer has to talk about cooking which he may not be so good at, he won’t be doing justice to the audience. He might do a few videos or photos and that’s all about it, he will start losing interest, and so will his audience, as he would have not much to share about it.

Hence to start with, you need to first identify what’s your niche. The biggest blunder people make when they spring on social media is, they pick up a niche that causes a lot of views or likes. Guys, we need to understand one thing, your niche or your area of interest may have a limited public, but that would convert into your dedicated and loyal community who would adore watching what you are skilled at.

2. Be Consistent:

Being consistent on social media could be a confronting task,

you possibly be in college or are presumably doing a nine-to-five job or maybe you’re busy with driving your own business. Posting out on social media regularly is quite a task for every one of us. But if you ought to build your influence on social media and become a celebrity, you have to be consistent.

If you don’t post stuff frequently, you get out of sight or out of mind for your followers. As our social media is enormously immense, it’s easy for your followers to just forget about you. And hence if you are not consistent with your presence, you will soon be buried on social media. imCelebrity helps you to be consistent at your social presence by providing too many features you can alternatively opt for sharing your talent. When you’re free you go for videos or music, but just a snap if fine on super busy Mondays to remind your audience about you! This enables your daily presence in your followers’ minds.

Now consistency does not only mean posting constantly but it also means content uniformity. Now, what does that signify? In the first step you have decided on your niche, so if your niche is talking about motivation and then suddenly you shift your focus on technical gadgets, that’s no consistency. Your audience is following you or subscribed to you because you are a great person at motivating them, helping them with personal growth. So why seem doubtful and drive away from the audience by changing your niche? Focus on what you’re sound at and not on the one which gathers more likes. The fan base and fame would follow you only if you maintain consistency in your content. So always remember, consistency is key.

3. Quality Content:

Now, what’s quality content? Getting someone’s attention is different than holding someone’s attention. You might get someone’s attention on social media but retaining that attention and making people keep watching and supporting you i.e. maintaining your fan base is the real challenge.

Just to be consistent you cannot post anything out there. Let’s consider YouTube as it’s the most popular video platform, now, for example, your video may have a great title and description along with a great thumbnail, but if the actual content doesn’t appeal the audience, they would leave after watching a little part of your video. Now videos with high watch time are provided higher ranking resulting in the rise in fan base and thus your celebrity status as well, over those who have just the views and not great much time. Eventually, their video dies.

I have noticed, that this is the biggest slip people make when they begin with social media. They just focus on drawing attention rather than focusing on the quality of their content. So, if you concentrate on the content and provide quality, and eventually after watching one of your videos if your audience is getting to take away something from that video, you are a celebrity. When you try to understand that you are competing with thousands of videos out there, and if your content consists of quality, over a while, you will build a loyal fan-base. imCelebrity is a brand-new platform for you to establish your identity and fan-base.

The more sooner you join it, the higher your celeb status goes with time. Your followers would keep coming to view your work. Quality content doesn’t happen by accident, it has to be created with proper preparation. So, take some time in planning what should go out there that would create value for your fans and your followers.

4. Understand and Target Right Audience:

You should be able to understand your audience with details, like ‘what’s their age group?’, ‘what would they be interested in?’ ‘using what kind of words would seize their attention?’, ‘what do they notice on priority?’ for example, they are looking for comedy, for knowledge, for health and fitness, entertainment, etc. Once if you know what your audience’s expectations are, it becomes very easy to fine-tune your content so that it matches their requirements leading to catch their attention. This sounds pretty mere, but many people tend to just overlook it and thus fail to grab the fans. So, don’t assume, “you know everything”, research.

imCelebrity gives you an amazing option of targeting the correct audience you require. You need not waste time until the audience finds you; you can reach your audience all by yourself! Now talking about ‘engagement’, if you desire to become famous, conversation with your audience is a must. Responding to the fans’ comments and creating videos or photoshoots based on viewers’ requests, certainly helps to make you look friendly as well as approachable.

This is the biggest and the most significant difference you will see between social media stars and Bollywood/ Hollywood stars. As compared to mainstream media such as the television, film industries like Bollywood or Hollywood or music and fashion celebs, our social media stars have the privilege of being approachable and responsive to their fans. You can keep them updated with what you plan to post next. Ask them questions and answer them timely. Get time to time feedbacks and work on them. The more they feel engaged, involved, and connected with you, the faster they’ll turn into your loyal fan-base. So, you need to know your audience and engage with them.

5. Be Patient:

Now, this is the most essential thing that I believe in, “Keep Patience”. Most of you who start fresh on social media grow very impatient for gaining the fans and followers. The moment you post something, you expect instant likes, comments, or instant views. You need to understand that you are yet to be discovered by the people. Stop worrying, they will find you eventually. All you need to focus on are your efforts on how people would discover you on the social media, instead of being so anxious and checking your phone now and then to find out how many people have viewed, liked, or commented on your posts.

Even if it doesn’t get recognized today, relax. It will be definitely be discovered tomorrow. Just be patient. I’ve seen many newbies making one common mistake on social media. That is, if they don’t find their profile getting the desired fame in their expected time, they try finding other easy methods to increase their followers or subscribers. They end up buying audience. Now, buying followers or subscribers may provide you an exciting boost on your social media status, the development graphs would look astounding, but do you know you are actually placing your social media account at great risk by doing this.

Neither the social media companies nor the real audience is a fool. They understand from where and how is your growth coming. Buying followers or subscribers is against the policies of the social media companies and your account is at high risk to shut. Also, buying such a fake audience won’t give you engagement on your posts or uploads. Imagine you would buy a thousand likes or a hundred thousand viewers with no comments or likes on your photos or videos. Doesn’t that look strange? The audience is too smart to differentiate that.

So, it’s better to stay away from these cheap stunts to develop your social media accounts and not to put them at risk. imCelebrity provides you a spectacular feature of reaching out to professionals. This would benefit you to seek direct guidance from the experts from your domains. The experts in your field would follow you and guide you to improve. This would lead to the accelerated growth of your personality, fan base, as well as your social media account.

So, these are a few of very essential tips to grow your fan-base on social media and raise your celebrity status. imCelebrity is indeed a prominent and fresh talent sharing platform for stepping up to your fame by sharing your talent. All you need to do is to create an account, build your portfolio, and share your talent. Here you can get connected to known and unknown audiences and get their support for your work.

In Conclusion:

ImCelebrity app is an advanced talent sharing platform and it acts as the stepping stone to convert your dream of being a celebrity into reality. You get these amazing features like targeting the audience and connecting the professionals. You’ve got a golden opportunity to connect with different artists and producers all over and also get noticed by them! The made in India tag proves to be the cherry on the cake for our imCelebrity app. So, feel free to proudly use and rise your celebrity status through us.

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