J.Ransom revamps Yesteryear Magical Score “Summer Forever” with the release of “Summer Forever Remastered.”

July 2020- Listed songwriter, poet, composer, and rapper John “J.Ransom” Futrell has once again rocked the music world, releasing his innovative and melodious single “Summer Forever Remastered.” This release is creating a sensation among the music lovers, and it has become the talk of the town in no time!

So in the scorching summer, J.Ransom has sent a breezy wave with the remastered version of “Summer Forever,” solacing the music lovers with this cool melody.

It is evident that J.Ransom has many hit numbers to his name, and they had brought him unparalleled laurels and popularity. The remastered version of “Summer” Forever takes his compositional prowess to the next level as he revamps the well-known melody with his mannerism.

J.Ransom’s fans had already enjoyed his “4 Everybody Remastered” in 2019, which topped the musical tally then. Well acquainted with his remastering skill, fans were pretty excited for “Summer Forever Remastered” since the announcement of the

Delighted with the response of music lovers and enthused with the increasing number of its downloads, J.Ransom says, “In a highly crowded music industry, it is never easy to experiment with a known melody. So it was kind of a gamble for me, but it worked favorably. Now it’s a heartwarming treat when I see so many people in love with my new release.”

Replying to a question from a news correspondent about ‘remastering,’ Ransom says, “I understand remastering is like repainting an old artwork. You got to make sure that while being innovative, the soul of the original work is retained. I and my team had to go through different phases of orchestration before bringing it to floor. I think all our hard work has paid off well.”

Music lovers are well aware that John “J.Ransom” Futrell, popularly known as J.Ransom dons many hats and displays multiple skills with finesse. “Summer Forever Remastered” is his eleventh album this year, and all of them have done exceedingly well. He has plans to launch few more records this year but has not disclosed anything about his next project.

Readers can check J.Ransom’s artistic journey by visiting the website https://www.thefourteenthcollective.com/epk.

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