Married Couple Authors Self-help Book “15 Rules For a Loving, Lasting, and Satisfying Relationship”

“15 Rules For a Loving, Lasting, and Satisfying Relationship” Hits Major Retailers for the New Year with Down-to-earth Advice

Sturbridge, MA – USA – January 4, 2020 –  For well over forty years, through triumph and tragedy, success and failure, comfort and poverty, the relationship of Steven R. Hall and Janet C. Hall has endured and flourished when others have failed. How, you might ask? According to the Halls, “We have lived by what we call our fifteen rules to live by. By practicing these, our relationship has flourished and continues to grow stronger every day.” In our society, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. That is why the Halls wrote their new book, “15 Rules For a Loving, Lasting, and Satisfying Relationship.” Mr. Hall says, “By sharing these with you, we hope to help you with your own loving, lasting, and satisfying Relationship.” The book is available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Today, the Halls are approaching their fortieth wedding anniversary, have two children – one passed away at age twenty-eight, and have five grandchildren. Steven Hall says, “It all started with a Toastmasters speech I gave on the rules of a relationship. It was a big hit with other Toastmasters so after some encouragement, we decided to write this book to help others with their relationships.” What makes this book special is the down-to-earth, real-life relationship advice, infused with the Hall’s humor. It seems that often you meet or hear about so-called (credentialed) experts who are divorced or on their second or third marriage. “Being well educated ourselves, we understand the value of higher education, but valuable, real-world education,” says Hall.


“Overall, I just so love this book! It makes it a bit harder because I know you and Jan, but I can’t say enough how happy it makes my heart feel when I read it. I don’t know if it’s because I am blessed to have as close to a relationship as this and it is so relatable. Your uses of real-life examples and light-hearted humor….just sets it apart from other tried and true relationship advice books.”

Another reader, who is a social worker, says,  “I just finished reading your book.  I LOVED it!  Some of the things I loved the most: it’s real.  It’s down to earth – real-life advice.  I love that you incorporated you and Janet’s real like experiences and struggles.  By giving examples of how you and Janet have struggled and overcame each of the rules, I believe that makes you relatable to the audience. I walked away from reading the book feeling good – not like some advice books where you walk away feeling like “ugh- there’s no way I can apply this to my life.”



A schoolteacher says, “Second marriage… thought I had learned everything about relationships the first time around. We ARE each other’s best friend, have fun anywhere we are, and have total respect for one another. Yet I woke up one morning rethinking about how I show love. I read the book, and it hit me hard. Thank you, Janet and Steve, for reminding me what’s essential In a relationship.”

“Self-help books don’t usually interest me but this one was different. Rather than being written by Drs. or Pop psychologists it was written by a happily married couple who have been together for forty years. The rules within are steadfast attainable, easy everyday things every couple can and should do. I loved this book and could not put it down once I picked it up. In fact, I’ve asked my husband to read it next.”

About the Authors

Janet C Hall is a registered nurse and healthcare executive and is highly respected in her industry and responsible for the development of many healthcare-related policies. Steven R Hall is a healthcare executive, inventor, voice actor, and award-winning speaker who has been credited with helping to develop a groundbreaking healthcare management program and two healthcare safety devices.

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