FIFA’s wooing of China is Infantino’s guilty crush

FIFA’s wooing of China is just the latest in a long line of Gianni Infantino’s guilty crushes, as reported by Jonathan Liew, Chief Sports Writer. According to him, Gianni Infantino seems to have a particular thing for authoritarians.

China’s winning the vote to host the FIFA 2021, Club World Cup, has earned warn greetings from several authorities. It has been acclaimed as a lovely touch by the FIFA council to honor the cherished tradition of the Chinese Electoral Politics, by having only one candidate.

This decision of awarding FIFAs flagship club competition to China, a country that has no prior record of excellence in club football, should not have come as so much of a surprise. The venue of announcing this decision, which was Shanghai, revealed it all. And this announcement was made by the President Gianni Infantino, who has clearly shown his certain preferential character traits, during his three years tenure in this job.

Mr. Gianni Infantino has a personal preference for authorities, which may be from meeting Vladimir Putin, or visiting Donald Trump, or presenting himself before King Salmaan of Saudi Arabia, in best of his attire and in his finest present ability.

China therefore appears to be his latest crush. Gianni very conveniently overlooked some of their rough stories. When he was asked in the subsequent press conferences about China’s approach towards abusing Human Rights in their country, its dirty dealing with the Pre Democracy Protestors at Hong Kong, its detaining more than a million Uighur Muslims with their children being forcibly separated from their parents and being sent to “Re Education Schools”, he looked a little reluctant.

According to Gianni Infantino, It is not the mission of FIFA to solve the problems of this world. He agreed that they had a social responsibility because of the power football brings with it, but he does not do it by attacking or criticizing anyone.

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