World Innovators Meet 2019 Set to Inspire the World’s Most Innovative Minds

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World Innovators Meet 2019 (WIM2019), a high-profile conference on technological innovation and industry trends, will be held at Shangri-La China World Summit Wing on December 6 – 8, 2019 in Beijing, bringing more than 6,000 innovators from all over the world to the Chinese capital. Participants will seize the occasion to review the progress and changes brought by technologies and innovations in 2019 and foresee the innovation trend in 2020.


The event, with the theme “Tech Innovation 4.0: Build a Shared Global Future,” will center on a series of topics spanning New Retail, industry Internet/to B enterprise service, AIoT (AI Internet of Things), health and med-tech, fintech, and investment trend.


Innovation bred by the fourth Industrial Revolution has been on the upswing. Progress made in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual reality and quantum technologies are among the latest breakthroughs in science and technology. New infrastructure such as 5G and cloud computing have set the stage for new digital economy.

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Just as the famous saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. These technologies have dramatically boosted social productivity and transformed people’s lives. Enabled by innovations, application scenarios for these front-end technologies have expanded beyond the wildest of our imagination/turned yesterday’s impossible into today’s reality.  Besides, the exponential growth of innovation has created a new pattern for competition.


Innovators have long been a beneficiary of and the key driving force behind the global spike in innovation. Whichever corner of the world they find themselves in, most innovative organizations share a common mission or vision – harnessing science and technology for the greater good of mankind. WIM shares the belief that everyone has an equal right to the benefits of development in science and technology. As the sum of shared, well-meaning efforts, globalization remains an unstoppable trend driven and accelerated by world innovators.

As WIM Committee the chief of the secretariat Huang Yuanpu has noted, “The impact of the fourth revolution of science and technology is profound and will be even more acutely felt than any of the past phases in science and technology development. Anyone poised to see things in zero-sum terms will only stand to lose enormously. For world innovators, openness and cooperation are the only sure path to achieve a win-win result.,


Therefore, coming together in a show of solidarity to enlarge the pie for all through innovation is in the best interests of everyone and will offer the most effective solution to the majority of the issues confronting the world today.

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Focusing on technology innovation 4.0, WIM will invite outstanding figures in science and tech innovation from all over the world to listen, discuss, brainstorm and exchange ideas. WIM Committee this year expects over 6,000 participants from the U.S., the U.K., India, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, Japan, Israel and other countries and regions.


WIM2019 will adopt a “1+N” conference format. With a general session devoted to keynote speeches by a select few guests, WIM2019 will be divided into several forums covering vertical industries ranging from artificial intelligence / front-end tech, e-commerce / new retail innovation, industry Internet / to B innovation to Big Health / biopharma innovation, cross-border business innovation. For more details, please visit


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