WIMI Going For IPO On NASDAQ Attracting Worldwide Attention To China’s 5G Holographic AI Vision Industry

WIMI is about to land on the NASDAQ global market. Based on the data from the Frost & Sullivan, WIMI established the leading comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all domestic holographic AR solution providers in 2018.


China’s advertising based on the holographic AR market reached 900 million yuan in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 71.8 percent from 2016 to 2020, 78.9 percent from 2020 to 2025 and 143.9 billion yuan by 2025. China’s advertising based on the holographic AR market reached 900 million yuan in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 71.8 percent from 2016 to 2020, 78.9 percent from 2020 to 2025 and 143.9 billion yuan by 2025. This growth is mainly driven by the boom in advertising and new retailing. Because advertisers have been pursuing the most cutting-edge visual effects to attract customers, the application of AR in advertising has been constantly diversified.


The main forms of final products and services in holographic AR industry include hardware products, software and content products, as well as solution products and services. Holographic AR hardware products are display devices that provide holographic AR experience, including smart phones/tablets and holographic AR headsets that support holographic AR. The user is able to see a combination projection of the camera-captured reality and the computer-simulated virtual object with these devices. However, the user could only view the projection through a screen or a head-mounted display of the smart phone/tablet. The headset display provides a more immersive experience; however, it requires users to buy separate devices.


The company continues to invest heavily in enhancing AR and holographic technologies such as multi-dimensional modeling and projection, simulation, cloud computing, distributed computing and holographic AR content delivery and projection capabilities. The technology strategy of the WIMI also includes the development of the big data capability and artificial intelligence technology. For example, the company will continue to make significant additional investments in enhancing their analytical capabilities to provide a more personalized AR experience to customers and end users.


* Source: U.S. SEC – FORM F-1, WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Source: Frost & Sullivan


The development of holographic 3D face recognition software is based on imaging detection with holographic imaging feature and recognition technology, holographic imaging detection technology with template matching as well as video processing and recognition technology based on depth learning and training of the WIMI. The traditional two-dimensional face recognition technology is a biometric recognition technology based on face features, which obtains information from face images or faces video streaming, and automatically detects and tracks the target face. Based on the contract, WIMI believes that the holographic three-dimensional facial recognition technology is a kind of biological recognition technology which is combined by the holographic imaging capture and the three-dimensional portrait. WIMI focuses on the development and application of software technology, which has dozens of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine recognition, machine learning, model theory and video imaging processing technology. The holographic three-dimensional face recognition technology is a technology to collect information by using structure light and infrared light, and the acquired feature points can be more than 30000 points. The feature points collected by traditional two-dimensional face recognition technology are less than 1000 points. It is expected that the three-dimensional technology of the WIMI will not be affected by the surrounding environment, and which is also expected to overcome many problems in traditional two-dimensional facial recognition technology, such as light, posture, shielding, dynamic recognition and facial expression.

Holographic face modification technology is based on holographic three-dimensional replacement technology based on WIMI, including image recognition and dynamic fusion processing based on artificial intelligence, real-time tracking of images and replacement of faces with other faces. The technology replaces the face in the video frame, synthesizes the video and adds the original audio. In the application of holographic AR plug-in advertising, WIMI has verified these technical modules which have been continuely developing and upgrading. And meanwhile, it firmly believes that the technology will bring new business growth for such applications as celebrity advertising, film publishing and live video industry.


Equipped with advanced AR 3D scanning applications and simulation solutions, WIMI can scan objects from all angles and capture more image details than most peer companies. According to the data from Frost & Sullivan, WIMI can identify and capture up to 550 image data blocks per unit, much more than that of the average market level of 40 to 50. In the mean time, with the advanced big data and analysis technology of artificial intelligence, the excellent image processing technology and distribution algorithm enable the WIMI to synthesize 3D models efficiently and intelligently on the basis of the captured original image, and then to calibrate and optimize it.

Source: Frost & Sullivan


Holographic industry has broad prospects and great potential, and there will be explosive growth in the future. China’s holographic market is expected to exceed 450 billion yuan, the holographic cloud sector will grow at 78 percent a year, the global holographic market is expected to exceed $500 billion, and the holographic cloud sector will grow at 68 percent a year by 2025. With the development of 5G holographic communication, the holographic cloud industry in which WIMI is engaged will grow explosively.


* Source: U.S. SEC – FORM F-1, WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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