American Author R. H. Kramer’s Novel “Plant Hope: Harvest Love,” is the Summer Read for the Season

“Pant Hope: Harvest Love” by R. H. Kramer gives voice to women who reconstruct their lives for a better future

N ew Orleans, LA – July 17, 2019 – American author, R. H. Kramer writes with passion and from the heart in her book “Plant Hope: Harvest Love.” Kramer said, “I became a writer after my intense need to know more about a story and a character. Once I began writing the backstory, I became infatuated, and before I knew it, I had written a novel. Kramer’s books have an abnormal psychological twist embedded in a romance tale. “It is important that we all know and accept the differences we have,” Kramer said. “These differences include our mental, physically, cultural, and social ones.”


Plant Hope: Harvest Love,” tells the story of Aurora. A woman with nothing left to give is given hope. Hope that leads to her life’s reconstruction until she can find the strength inside of her to grow. Grow until she is strong enough to Harvest Love. Experience a year of life-shattering moments in her life.



“A very heart-warming story. Kramer writes from the heart with passion.” Dr. Melissa Caudle – Author

“I loved this book as it gave me a glimmer of hope. I love the fact that the main character persevered and overcame obstacles.” Erin Wright – Tutor

“In the face struggle, this book brings hope.” Jamie Delueth – Teacher


R. H. Kramer is an American author who writes with passion. Her other books include “Save the Hero: Ardalia’s Story” and “Save the Hero: Hannah’s Story.” She also has a blog that you can follow at Contact her and follow her on social media.