The first “Account Shortage” case in the blockchain industry has appeared in 2019.

MCF Blockchain, which was reported by many Chinese blockchain media half a year ago, started its mainnet on June 12th, 2019 and has operated smoothly since then. It has been observed that 4 Asian enterprises have issued its voucher tokens based on MCF. These enterprises have more than 4000 sales outlets, with more than 12 million traditional retail customers in total. Voucher tokens are used for customers to exchange for products or services from the relative enterprises. More businesses from more countries are expected to issue blockchain vouchers based on MCF system. 

According to Andy from Singapore, a genesis minter of MCF blockchain, commented that MCF blockchain system will support thousands of application scenarios and accumulate 1 billion user traffic in the future. MCF will expand to other Asian countries and to other continents. Due to this positive impact, Tier Two Minting Account Pre-sale has been active and in parts of the world, not enough accounts are available for sale.

MCF Blockchain system is aimed to be a next-generation smart contract platform providing a turnkey solution for SMEs to issue tokens, manage their tokens and allow their token holders to exchange on the MCF blockchain without the need to go through any third-party centralized exchange, thus eliminating undesirable  listing costs, avoiding considerable transaction costs and complicated market value management costs for businesses while they bravely embrace the opportunity of using blockchain technology to grow their businesses. One specific area is that MCF provides a low-cost solution for businesses to tokenize their customer loyalty point programs (including vouchers) and benefit from a shared platform where customers can use different point tokens to exchange for a variety of products or services from other businesses in the platform. This decentralized loyalty point management method can significantly reduce operational costs for businesses and lower the entry barriers for small and medium businesses to join the loyalty points exchange program. It will also help businesses to expand their businesses across borders more easily.

MCF Blockchain system positions itself at the very beginning to be designed for benefiting authentic businesses using blockchain technology. As more and more companies start to issue tokens based on MCF blockchain, MCF is moving closer to realizing its mission statement.

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Country: Switzerland
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