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The beginning of blockchain starts in the time of bitcoin apparition, the system is based on new crypto-blocks generating, every block chain contains information about previous block called cryptographic hash, the system is working with transactions and is one of the most secured money system.

In 2013 year where created Blockchain Gaming called also crypto gaming. Now the system is using cryptocurrency payment and decentralized models. The fusion of the both industries has a growing potential.

Blockchain Gaming System of

With the games where created virtual world, system hasn’t server and assure secure payment methods. Any user can monetize his creation. Here the user can create virtual items based on smart contract standards like ERC-721 and ERC-1155. Virtual items are secured from fraud by the integrated virtual tools. Now the industry has over 50 billion USD and continue to extend.

With Blockchain Gaming Platform you can buy or sell in-game items in mobile games or most known games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Cryptokitties, all exchange is decentralized. In 2019 start a new wave of crypto games including real RPG worlds. Most popular platforms are Open Sea, Enjin and Unikorn Gold.

Tools for additional help

The common problem of using blockchain gaming platforms is scalability, that’s why using DappRadar is helping to evaluate the decentralized applications activity and asset exchanges. Another problem is that not all users has a good and fast internet connection. The case where solved after Decentraland apparition it create 3D Worlds.

Most successful ideas

A real virtual boom, is the development of ESports market supported by Activision Blizzard, Valve Corporation, Riot Games. ESport has over 138 billion USD in game’s world. The user can get a great reward while playing Dota 2 with many tournament participation.

Not only the big owners like Valve can grow, after apparition of DreamTeam the users can trade with each one directly.

Apparition of cryptocurrencies, virtual games intersected with blockchain technology is promising. Combined with the rapid growth of eSports and the user’s ability to participate and monetize properly in the gaming association, will undoubtedly facilitate the creation of new gaming landscape.

The emergence of the blockchain game trend is not without obstacles, but scalability issues prohibit the development of a big number of games and will overcome when industry realize its potential. The future will surprise us soon.

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