Joe Exotic For President

August 31, 2016

  • The media does not want you to know there are other choices out here and its not fair to the American people to be stuck in an election made for them.
  • Summary:If you are having trouble with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, there is a new guy in town that you might like better

    Wynnewood Ok- Joe Exotic otherwise known as Joseph Maldonado on the ballots for President of the United States is the Independent Candidate that the New Media does not want you to know about. Why? Because this man has so many simple solutions to problems facing the working class people and the tax payers of this country, but the only problem is his way of fixing things are going to take big money from the pockets of many Politicians in this country.

    Now either secured on the ballots or State permission to be written in on the ballots as President of the United States in Indiana, Colorado, Washington, Montana, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Missouri, Kansas, Alaska, Illinois, West Virginia, New York, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Michigan, Maine, Texas, California, North Dakota, Maine, Virginia and he says he is not done yet, waiting for confirmation on some others.

    More determined than ever Joe say he is going to make politicians listen to the people of this country for a change. Not just make promises that they never keep.

    Look at it this way “Joe Says” if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton won’t give me the time of day after emails, certified letters and the making of 244 videos posted to facebook and youtube, you can guarantee that they really don’t give a crap about you or your problems facing how you pay your bills, get health care or anything about social security being paid back. And we don’t even want to discuss how this country is going to get out of debt. But I have solutions to most of these problems and they won’t even acknowledge that I am running in this election.

    Mr. Maldonado came up with a plan of how to get the people to remember how to vote come November the 8th. Since a lot of the States are write in’s and knowing how people forget things in their busy lives, Mr. Maldonado has ordered silicone wrist bands that are red, white and blue with Vote Joseph Maldonado on them to mass mail out the last 30 days so people will wear them and when they get to the voting box they know who to vote for and how to spell his name.

    Maldonado has done what no other Independent Candidate has ever done in a Presidential Election and that is post 244 political messages on facebook getting millions of view explaining his solutions and spelling them out to the people of America. To see his Immigration and health care plan you can watch the video.

    Maldonado also has a live show on the internet 5 nights a week where you can ask him anything you want live from the show and get truthful answers to your problems all at 7pm cst on


    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Joe Exotic For The People Of America
    Contact Person: Joseph Maldonado
    Phone No: 4056651003
    Address: 25803 NCR 3250
    City: Wynnewood
    State: Oklahoma
    Country: United State
    Website Url:


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