Elite Weight Loss Announces Skinny Elite Bee Pollen

June 20, 2016

  • Rapid weight loss with Skinny Elite Bee Pollen
  • Summary: Are you tired all the time? NO energy? Are you constantly finding yourself eating for no reason and battling those cravings? Do you have trouble with digestion? Poor bowel movements? Is the scale just stuck and you hitting a plateau? Do you have trouble staying focused on tasks? Are you battling the aging process and poor thyroid performance? Do diets fail you or you yo-yo diet? Skinny Elite Weight Loss is Pharmacist formulated to help you lose weight with thermogenic burn belly fat burner, controlling appe

    Skinny Elite by Elite Weight Loss :

    *Superior Appetite Suppression

    *Metabolizes fat, forcing fat burn

    *Enhances Clarity and focus

    *Improves digestion and cleanses your system naturally

    *Promotes Thyroid function

    Skinny Elite is Pharmacist formulated with quality ingredients in a USA GMP lab to promtoe safe rapid weight loss.

    This product was tested by over 100 of our current consumers until we were satisfied with their results.

    Our Skinny Elite WEIGHT LOSS curbs appetite and cravings with a three part appetite control formula, stimulates thermogenic metabolic processes to burn stored fat while providing you energy without leaving you jittery or nauseated.

    Our 24 hour appetite control formula will keep you from eating junk food and decrease cravings for sweets. 

    Skinny Elite WEIGHT LOSS provides focus, memory, clarity, while improving cardiovascular health, cell health, and clearing skin. This a a supplement for women and men both who have difficulty loosing stubborn weight.

    Skinny Elite WEIGHT LOSS provides mild natural cleanse that rids your system of the toxic sludge that weighs you down and hinders weight loss. This provides a natural daily detox cleanse.

    Skinny Elite WEIGHT LOSS also has a 3 part fired up, fat burning lipolytic-blend that will naturally ramp up fat burning  for maximum weight loss. Skinny ELite will provide thermogenic belly fat burner so you can finally lose the belly weight.

    Skinny Elite’s natural Thyroid enhancer will help combat the aging process of slow metabolisms that often women struggle with despite diet and exercise. Our thyroid boost and combination of natural ingredients will provide clean energy to get you through the day, a true 24 hour weight loss and energy formula.

    Skinny Elite WEIGHT LOSS  will help balance hormones, while benefiting the kidney’s, liver, and lymphatic system. 

    Our purest  Bee Pollen will help provide proteins and vitamins while giving the benefits of Bee Pollen that our  customers have grown to love! Bee Pollen can beneift the skin, hair,nails, stronger immune system and more.



     INGREDIENTS: Proprietary Blend of 711.94mg

    Bee Pollen, Yohimbine, Green Tea, Geranium Oil, Caffeine, Thermo-V (TM), Aloe, T2, Huperzine, Hawthorne, Pine Bark.Other Ingredients: Magnesium Sterate, Silicone Dioxide.

    *this product contains whey derived from dairy and lecithin to improve mixability, derived from soybeans.

     Disclaimer: CONSULT YOUR DR PRIOR TO STARTING ANY DIET SUPPLEMENT OR EXERCISE PROGRAM. This product for adults 18 years old and over. Not to be used if pregnant or Nursing.PLEASE LIMIT CAFFEINE INTAKE WHILE USING ANY SUPPLEMENT WITH GREEN TEA OR CAFFEINE.These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

    If your looking for a safe alternative to ZXT Zi XIu Tang, Slim Trim U, Infinity, Asset Bold, Prime,Oasis, La Trim, you have found it! GMP and USA made, safe, fast and effective with long term weight loss control.

    Skinny Elite Weight Loss is currently available with the following online retailers:

    Elite Weight Loss, Bee Extremely Amazed, Slim Trim Diet, Bee Fit Amy, ZXT Bee Pollen.com, and our local distributors.

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Elite Weight Loss
    Contact Person: Elite Weight Loss
    Phone No: 1-844-427-6553
    Email: skinnyelite@eliteweightloss.com
    Website Url: www.eliteweightloss.com

    Source: www.PRExhibition.com

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